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May 30th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Well, this is it…the beginning…the start of our personal website. Again, we have our very good friend Josh Wychopen to thank for it. We owe him much credit and gratitude for all he has done for us. Our wedding video absolutely exceeded our expectations, and now his help in getting this started has been great. Thanks Josh…

Catherine is doing well although she is getting very big…oops was I not supposed to say that? OK, let’s see…well, there is so much more of her to hug these days. Anyway she would appreciate your prayers…it is a very uncomfortable time for her. We will post pictures and write more later. I just wanted to get this posted to test things out. Please feel free to leave comments!

We love you all,

Chris and Catherine

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13 Responses

  1. Mom Perkins

    Hi my wonderful Family !
    Love your new site!
    It will be great fun to watch!
    Much love, Mom Perkins

  2. Melony Balony

    Hey to Cat and Chris!! I love your website!! It’s lovely, and I can’t wait to see what comes up on it!! :) Love you all, and miss you tons!!!

  3. George Mock

    Hey Chris & Cat!

    I want to see some more pictures so stop slacking off Chris and get ’em posted! :))

    In the meantime, many blessings to ya’ll from the Lord.


  4. Theresa

    I was just thinking about you two and wondering how Catherine was feeling. I sure miss and wish I could see ya’ll. We send our love.

  5. Robyn Copper

    You look GREAT Catherine (and Chris too!!) for being so close to your due date. I’m excited for you and will pray things go well.

  6. Kevin

    Hey y’all! Congradualitons on the baby! :-)

  7. Melony Balony

    I can’t WAIT to see pictures!!! Love to all!!!
    A VERY Excited Honorary Aunt!!!! :-D

  8. Theresa

    Congradulations!!!! I can’t wait to see your beautiful baby girl!!!!

  9. Mom Overby

    Hey, Catherine & Chris!
    The pictures of our new Grandbaby are beautiful. She is so pretty. Thanks for putting them up there for us to see. We are so sorry we can’t be there. We want to so badly. We will try to be there next weekend. We love you all dearly. Chris take care of your family.
    Love, Mom

  10. Buzzy

    Congratulations on a job well done! God continues to bless our family and extended family in countless ways.

  11. Keb

    Wow! Its so wonderful to see how well everything turned out and how happy you all are in those pictures. Congratulations for she is truly a beauty to behold. Dawn and I would love to be there to share these happy times with you three but it seems Savannah’s cousin is due at any moment. Nevertheless, we think of you often and never forget you in our hearts and prayers. Best wishes and lots of love.

  12. Peg and Gary Reynolds

    Congradulations to you both. What a blessing to behold. She is a precious baby. I know you guys are on a new adventure you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

    Oh by the way I could tell grandpa Perkins was gleaming even over the phone.

    Peg & Gary

  13. Theresa

    We love ya’ll bunches and bunches! She is beautiful!!!!

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