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July 19th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Well, today we are going home from the hospital!!! Praise the Lord! Last night, Savannah finally started nursing and is now eating well. She is a very content and mild mannered little girl. There is a peace about her that is beautiful to behold. The doctor came in early this morning and after the check up, asked us if we wanted to go home. Talk about a dumb question!!! Well she wrote the discharge orders, and so now we are waiting.

I wanted to write about a very special blessing that God gave us during this delivery.

Auntie Sarah

My sister-in-law has been one of God’s special blessings to us during this time. Sarah has made numerous trips bringing meals, and clothes, and other missing items. We have been SOOOO BLESSED at her giving heart. Any of you that know Sarah will know what I am talking about. She is a wonderful blessing everywhere she goes and is remembered by everyone she meets. Thank you my dear sister-in-law. Thank you and congratulation on your new status as”Auntie Sarah” :-) We love you very much.

“The Bucket” aka your Bro-in-law

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  1. Rachel Humphrey

    Awwww! SO SWEET!!!! Congratulations ya’ll! What a little blessing. Can’t wait to meet Savannah at family camp!

  2. Katey Osborne

    I am sooo excited for ya’all! I am so happy for your little bundle of blessings that God has given to you!!! YAY for the Overby’s!!!

  3. J

    I got to hold the dear sweet thing yesterday! That was such a cool think! I love my little niece! Love you Chris and Cat!

  4. Robyn Copper

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Nate and I cried too when he held our first one right out of the womb. It’s just a miracle!!!

  5. Cindy McDaniels

    I think I’ve cried after all 8 were born. Each and every one is such a miracle and so amazing!

  6. Richard & LB

    Christopher and Catherine,

    Our hearts overflow with joy and thanks to God for you all!! Flashbacks to our own first Cesarean flood our hearts with empathy in countless ways as we pray for you both and precious Savannah!

    Sam has Richard’s cell phone now, so he told us of your call, Chris, when we got back in town. We’re so thrilled you wanted to share the news with us, but Sam got another lesson in how women think when he deleted your message before LB could hear it! Thanks to our Sarah, she sent us this link to help “fill in the blanks”. This site is wonderful! LB looked at all the extra pictures, too.

    God is faithful!
    Take one day at a time and let our Lord Jesus Christ continue to strip off any self-sufficiency so that He can renew you in His grace, joy, and strength. He alone turns sorrow into joy! You are loved!!

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