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July 25th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Well, we are now trying to settle into a routine of sorts. We have figured out that our little Savannah loves to wake up at around 11:00 PM and be wide awake…more awake than we ever see her during the day, and stay that way until 2:00 to 4:00 AM. We are trying to adjust… I say that with a smile as I fondly think about the late night diaper changes and feedings. I thought two diapers in 15 seconds was bad. Well, last night, I had three in about 30 seconds, and a close call with projectile gooey stuff at 2:00 AM. I had to clean the carpet, but fortunately, I was out of the line of fire…luckily for me because it was dark, and I didn’t see the damage until I suspiciously switched on a light. She is growing nicely, and as of yesterday weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. That is a 10 oz gain from when we left the hospital. Praise the Lord!


Our little girl!


My sister Dawn is in labor in Arkansas even as I write this, so I hope to report the safe arrival of my new niece in my next post.


This is my Dad getting ready to be a Grandpa (holding a baby doll). He and Mom call themselves “Grandma and Grandpa Squared” seeing as how their first two grandbabies are due to arrive within a week of each other!

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  1. Leann Falcone

    Catherine & Chris,
    Savannah is a very beautiful baby, you are both very lucky. As for the 3 diapers in 30 seconds Austin has it beat. i am so glad Austin has another beautiful girl cousin. Someone he can help watch over and protect. i miss you all so much. again she is very beautiful and don’t worry the late nights do get better. Oh by the way Austin is 28 lbs now, has 6 teeth and crawling very well and standing up for short periods of time. He made 9 months on the 25th. It is hard to believ how time flies. Well enjoy your precious baby girl and treasure the small things because that is what you will remeber most.

    Well I love you both and keep in touch.

    Love you

  2. Amy Cahill

    Nothing like the reality of a live “baby doll”. Glad she got Greg though!
    Cute pictures! Thanks for posting them.

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