Savannah Smiles…

August 26th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Well, We have seen fleeting glimpses of it…too fleeting…until now. We finally have captured it on film with the help of our good friend Melanie Bogner. She came and took lots of pictures this weekend, and so I will post a few of them here.

dsc_5761.jpg dsc_5762.jpg

dsc_5763.jpg dsc_5764.jpg

Isn’t she absolutely adorable!!!! The smile on my lovely wife’s face was equal to that of Savannah’s smile. I was mowing the grass last weekend, and Catherine came outside with eyes twinkling, and a lovely smile on her face as she said “Guess what? Savannah smiled!” Well, she has been smiling more often now, and we finally caught it on film to share with all of you! We can say that God gave us these pictures to share with you. While we were taking the pictures, Catherine prayed that God would cause little Savannah to give us a pretty smile, and He did! What makes it so special is that Savannah was a little bit hard to work with during the photo shoot, and then WOW, there was that ‘gorgamous’ smile. And she did it again when I was holding her…

dsc_5705.jpg dsc_5707.jpg

dsc_5740.jpg dsc_5741.jpg

Here are some with Catherine holding little Savannah…

dsc_5651.jpg dsc_5465a.JPG

dsc_5455.JPG dsc_5648.jpg

And then a few family shots…

dsc_5678.jpg dsc_5721.jpg

dsc_5731-1.jpg dsc_5733-8×10.jpg

dsc_5797a.jpg dsc_5487.JPG

Well, that’s all for now. Sorry if the email is big from all the pictures. I have many more to post, but we will save those for another time. May God bless you all. Have a great week!

Chris and Catherine (and little Savannah)

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5 Responses

  1. ecperkins

    I’m speechless!
    The pictures are great!
    Y,all give us so much joy!
    Love you tons!

  2. Kevin

    Wow. She’s such a cutie. And she has a great looking mom and dad. But I don’t think Catherine should have done bunny ears on her in that one picture :-P

  3. Amy Cahill

    I love the family shots – what a treasure! Isn’t it great to have friends with such useful skills? :-)

  4. Joshua Wychopen

    Great photo guys! I love them!

  5. Patooties

    Love y’all SOOOOO much! And I love Little O so dearly. I praise the Lord for that smile!

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