Playing Catch-up…the last two weeks.

September 30th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Well, the last few weeks have seen our good friends Brian and Amy moving away to Dallas…


Our little girl trying new fashions…


Auntie Sarah brightening our lives with her presence…


We went for a short hike with Savannah…her first time in the woods…


And spent Saturday with the Herring family. We went to ride go-carts and play putt-putt. I can’t remember seeing the boys so excited.





And yes the daddy’s had fun also…





The momma’s didn’t much want to ride the go-carts but had fun watching the boys play…




Then we played putt-putt…





Whew, all done. I am all caught up…and just in time for family camp! Be sure tho check out the other two posts below for all the latest…


May you all have a blessed week,

Chris and Catherine and little Savannah Overby

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  1. Amy Cahill

    Cute having all the boys dressed alike – what a crowd to watch you play putt-putt, better not mess up!

    We may be down Friday or Sat. this week – my family will be helping with the Tabernacle and we’re hoping t swing by for a visit.

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