Playing Catch-Up…Labor Day Weekend

September 30th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

The next weekend was September 2…a VERY significant day for this little family…our one year anniversary! We went and spent a couple of days with Pawpaw and Nana down in Lafayette. I think we could say that Nana was VERY happy to hold her little granddaughter…


We also were able to go and visit Grandma Perkins in the hospital and got pictures of four generations…



We also got to see our good friends, Neil and Kristy. God is doing some awesome things in their lives right now and the testimonies that they are sharing with us have been so encouraging.


After a very nice visit in Lafayette, we left on Sunday and went up to Natchitoches for our aniversery and stayed at Andre’s Riverview again. It was another special time for us, and the Lord showed us a new and deeper fellowship with Him during this time.

img_0069.jpg img_1975.jpg

The first picture above was Sept. 3, 2006…the next picture was Sept. 3, 2007.

img_1951.jpg img_1967.jpg

God has truly blessed our marriage over this past year. Seeing our parents hold their granddaughter is an answer to many prayers of mine and Catherine’s, and I am sure there were no lack of prayers on our parents part. It is a sight that is hard to describe. I am constantly amazed at how lovely it is to see parents become grandparents.

My wife grows more lovely every day and my heart which was as full as I thought it could ever be this time last year, grows fuller everyday. To see my wife holding my daughter and looking up and smiling at me brings feelings to me that are nearly indescribable. Thank you dear Jesus for giving me such a wonderful loving wife and precious little girl…



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  1. Melony Balony

    Absolutely Precious.

  2. Amy Cahill

    Wow, what a neat change from Honeymoon to Anniversary! Ours is coming up soon and we look forward to celebrating!

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