Sittin’ Pretty

October 29th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Savannah’s Nana Perkins made a pretty pink dress for her, so she wanted to have her picture taken in it. :)


Nana also made her a sunbonnet and jumper. It was perfect for a night at the Family Camp Corral with mom and dad! She got to wear her boots too. :)


Aren’t those baby cheeks delicious! :)

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  1. Amy Cahill

    Oh wow! She is really growing! Seeing the picture of you really makes me miss our friends at ALERT.
    Oh, Brian got to feel our baby kick this weekend – so fun!

  2. Melony Balony

    AWW!!! SUCH cuteness!!! What an amazing Nana to make such beautiful outfits. You can tell that Savannah likes to be dressed in all that love!! HUGS to y’all and kisses for Savannah!!

  3. Sarugee

    So proud to be the auntie of the cutest niece in Texas, the sister of the sweetest gal in Texas, and the daughter of the prettiest lady in Louisiana!

    Love y’all OODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amy Cahill

    Just wondering if we’ll get to see you at the Christmas conference. We’re really looking forward to that! And it would be fun if y’all were there as well.

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