More Pics of Savannah…for Grandparents :)

November 14th, 2007 by chrislovescatherine

Grandpa “O” took this one when mom wasn’t looking… she didn’t mind at all though! :) Woooooo Pigs!


Smiling in the sun…


Here is Savannah’s “new” toy and her new hat.
img_2217.jpg img_2202.jpg

Here’s our pretty baby all squeaky clean!




Until next time, thank you for joining us for this edition of Savannah’s Smile.

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8 Responses

  1. Melony Balony

    AWWWWWW!!!! I LOVE the picture with the rose!!! SOOO pretty!!! That hat is amazing! :-D What a beautiful girl you have. I miss her!!!

  2. ecperkins

    Savannah, you are SO cute!
    What can I say! You just make
    your Nana smile too.
    Our Father God has blessed us
    so much.
    I like seeing your sweet Mamma
    Miss ya’ll tons.
    Mom P
    Thanks ya’ll for the pics!

  3. Amy Cahill

    Wahoo! I get to come and see her tomorrow! So excited!
    And Savannah better watch out – that new toy could turn into her worst enemy as child training progresses :-)

  4. Donna Overby

    Dad, you should have been in the one with the razorback throw. You’re the fan, not Savannah. She is beautiful, no matter what kind of throw you put her on. I love the one with the rose, it is very dramatic. She is so cute. The hat is precious. I just want to hug her. Mommy, it is good to see your smiling face also. Wish you all were here or I was there.
    Love to you all. Love, Mom O.

  5. Joshua Wychopen

    I love that precious little girl!!!

  6. Melony Balony

    LOL!! So TRUE, Amy!! I’m SO glad I’ve outgrown the “spoon days”!! I’ll pray Savannah doesn’t need that spoon as much as I did! :-D

  7. Todd Groat

    Chris and Family,

    Chris, you have done well! I love the statement at the bottom of this page!

    Todd Groat

  8. Christina Mason Domer

    I love the one of Savannah on the Razorback throw. Whoo Pig Sooie!!
    She is so precious!!

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