Savannah is Six Months Old

January 17th, 2008 by chrislovescatherine

Happy 1/2 birthday little blessing from the Lord!




dsc_1228-copy.jpg dsc_1220-copy2-1.jpg



At six months her favorites are:

1. Mommy and Daddy

2. Butternut squash

3. Wiggleproof socks that stay on her feet

4. Her exersaucer

5. The bright yellow quilt that Great Grandma Perkins made for her

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5 Responses

  1. Aunt Dawn

    Thank you for the new pics. I miss her so much! She is gorgeous. I love her little red outfit with the hat.

  2. ecperkins

    Hi, Chris & Catherine,
    Love the pictures! Ya’ll really know
    how to pacify Grandparents!
    Love you two,Mom P (Nana)

  3. Amy Cahill

    Oh Goody! Pictures of the little cutie! She has an adorable smile and I love the surprised look in picture #4. We miss you guys!

  4. Auntie Mel

    I miss you, Savannie!! Hugs and kisses from your honorary Auntie!

  5. Aunt Kathy

    Wow! Has she grown! Of course Aunt Dawn loved the red outfit. What faithful Razorback fan wouldn’t! Just for the record I loved the red outfit too!

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