A Day at the Lake

May 17th, 2008 by chrislovescatherine

Last Saturday, which happened to be Savannah’s 10-month old “birthday, we got to spend the day with some of the families and guys that live here at ALERT and work in the facilities department. It was a fun day. Savannah went wading and playing in the sand with her Daddy. We were at Lake Hawkings. It was a great day of fellowship and fun water skiing and playing. (No, I didn’t water ski. I’m too chicken.)

Just wanted to share some pictures with you all!








Love and hugs! Have a sunny day!

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  1. Melony Balony

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! What FUN!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures!! **HUGS** I miss y’all so much!

  2. Sandra Perkins

    Thanks Catherine!
    Love it!!

  3. Leslie Ross

    Hey Chris Catherine & Savannah, I have been watching to see when you post new pictures, Savannah looks precious in her hat! How has everything been going?, very good here. Glad to see Savannah is enjoying the water, we are camping this weekend so Madie will get so water time in also.

  4. Amy Cahill

    Cute! I was hoping to see a picture of Savannah on water skis! :-P Glad you’re having fun with the little one.

  5. Jessie

    The website listed is my blog page – so you can see me – send me your email addy and I will put you on my list to recieve updates.

  6. Jessie


    We had such a great time visiting with both of you and seeing Savannah. Chris, I am so glad you are part of our family -Catherine, he fits so well with the rest of us – ya done good girlie!

  7. Patooties

    I agree, Jessie! I sure love that guy! He takes gooooooooood care of me!

    Love you Cat and Chris soooooo muchly!


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