Strolling in Mineola

May 3rd, 2010 by chrislovescatherine

We took a walk through Mineola, Tx (just down the highway from Big Sandy) on Sunday! We ate at the East Texas Burger Co. (yummo!). We window shopped, because most of the stores were closed. We also paid the red caboose a visit! The best part was walking up to that caboose with my hubby and two kiddos. Last time we were there, Chris and I weren’t engaged yet. We wouldn’t have dreamed that the next time on that caboose, we’d have two little cabooses of our own! Yay GOD!

Here is an old-fashioned pic of Savannah and Mom. My how Savannah has grown!!

Caleb has taken up railroad engineering. He conducts himself very well! Gotta love a man in uniform!

Here is our family of “who dat’s?” We may be from Texas, but we love dem Saints!

And we will top this presentation off with a Savannah smile. Yes, this is her wholehearted effort at smiling. You’re beautiful little girl!

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7 Responses

  1. Auntie Sarah

    Awwwwww! Loving it!! Thanks for taking Greg, me, and Izzy along!

  2. Chris Overby

    Great post Honey! We sure had a great time! ;-)

  3. Sandra Perkins

    It was a peaceful,joyful time! A beautiful day too.Am thankful to have been with ya’ll. :)

  4. Amy Cahill

    Fun times! It’s neat to take your kids places and give them experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Auntie Sarah

    FYI – that WHOLE-HEARTED at smiling cracks me up :)

  6. Melony Balony

    I can’t believe I didn’t make it to the CABOOSE with y’all!! **sadness** I’m thrilled to see God working though, and to see the little cabooses He’s given you! My how time flies! Y’all are soooooooo CUTE!! I’m home…miss you all ALREADY!

  7. Bethany Bergeron

    Catherine, y’all’s family is so cute! I’m glad I was able to visit with y’all for a few minutes when I came down for the ATI Regional :) I love seeing updates about your adorable little kiddos ;) p.s. awesome shirts!!! =)

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