Savannah is Three!

July 26th, 2010 by chrislovescatherine

Our little Savannah is 3 as of July 17th. Her daddy and I are so happy with her. She is a very thoughtful and polite little girl, full of compliments for others, a sweet big sister to Caleb, and very helpful to her mommy. She is also potty trained – woohoo!!! Her birthday had added specialness with her grandparents here to celebrate. Auntie Sarah, Uncle Greg and Cousin Izzy came too. She requested hot dogs to eat and a green cake, so we made that happen with joy!

Savannah and Caleb and any little Overby’s to come got a new swing set and sand box for Savannah’s birthday. They LOVE it. Thank you Jesus and grandparents for giving it to them! There are some pics here in a gallery. I made Savannah’s cupcake cake. She loved it. Daddy, Pawpaw, and Grandpa stayed up very late to put together the swing set. They did a great job. Nana made Savannah a beautiful new quilt set, and she got a guitar to play like Daddy’s (only small and pink). She also loved her new baby pony toy, Candyland (her first game), and clothes. She is very happy to be three.

Caleb was tickled to bit to see a HUGE John Deere tractor in our yard to deliver the sand. He got his picture taken too.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandra Perkins

    What a memorable Birthday, Savannah!

  2. Amy Cahill

    Awww, what fun! It’s so wonderful to give things to children and watch their delight. Looks like Savannah had a wonderful time!

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