Fall Fashion Preview

October 5th, 2010 by chrislovescatherine

Welcome to the 2010 Fall Fashion Preview brought to you by Bud N Punts Fashions Inc. Our fashions are original designs created exclusively by toddlers themselves and modeled by their designers!

First in our line-up is Buddy. He is wearing the baseball theme pajamas with a fishing motif baseball cap. To highlight the originality of this outfit, he wears his sister’s pink and green kitty cat rubber boots (much to the chagrin of his daddy). Rubber boots are worn too large as a special element of style. The large size also makes them easy for little people to put on without mom’s help. The fitted pajama pants are very flattering to the toddler bumper, as Buddy happily displays.

Secondly, Puntsy models the newest tutu trend. A pink and brown tutu is worn over the floral motif dress. This beautiful tutu was custom designed by her Aunt Dawn. A sparkly turquoise tutu is worn on the head making it the perfect wedding outfit according to the model herself. A pink, fuzzy purse completes the ensemble.

The beautiful Puntsy also displays for us the “borrow from your little brother” look by wearing a plaid shirt and camoflage shorts from his wardrobe. As Buddy premiered the “boots too big” trend for boys, “boy clothes too small” appears to be the thing for girls. This outfit is enhanced with the “poofy” look. This look is achieved by wearing a dress under the shorts and shirt. The offset buttons are stunning and make it an easy to emulate style for the budget-savvy shopper!

Rubber boots appear to be “the thing”, and kitty cat motifs make them even more up to date!

Last of all, Buddy and Puntsy walk together to model their favorite styles of all. Buddy sporting his classic all-boy wardrobe staple and Puntsy, her wedding play favorite.

We hope you have enjoyed the show and have gleaned a few fashion tips from the prince and princess of sweetness!

“And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.”  Matt. 6:28-29

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4 Responses

  1. Sandra Perkins

    What can I say except thanks for sharing this. I have some cute grandbabies and a daughter who knows how to describe activities very well. They know how to make a nana smile!

  2. Stephanie (Kotzum) Hetherton

    ROFL. This is priceless!

  3. Amy Cahill

    What a fun way to present some fun pictures! The kids must get their creativity from their mommy :-) Having kids is always good for a laugh!

  4. Sarah

    What can I say?! Y’all are a HOOT! And YOU my sis are AMAZING with words!

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