Men and Hunting

October 9th, 2010 by chrislovescatherine

So, tonight, there are three men sitting around the table in my dining room. They just finished dinner at 9:30. They are dressed in camouflage that smells like dirt. They are COMPLETELY engrossed in talked about wild hogs – what they sound like, look like, how they move. They just came in from traipsing through the woods seeking out a hog that one of them shot with his bow.

I love overhearing the conversation. I could care less about wild hogs and how they move, but I love the conversation because it’s full of energy from men just enjoying what men love. Men who love to be outside and get in the dirt! Men who love the earth. Men who love to hunt, and who love to just be men.

Isn’t it great how God made me, me and made him, HIM?

P.S. I hunted and hunted for a picture of Chris all decked out in his camo gear, but I can’t find one. Hmmm… Maybe, just maybe, that’s the point of camouflage.

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