Does Roast Beef Taste Like Chicken?

October 7th, 2011 by chrislovescatherine

So, just when the “experts” say to go easy on kids because they don’t understand what they are doing wrong, a conversation like this occurs with a two year old…

Caleb walking into the kitchen points at the roast beef on the counter and proclaims, “I DON’T WIKE CHICKEN!!!”

Mommy (that’s me) says, “Caleb, go stand in the corner.”

Later…Mommy says to Caleb (who is standing in the corner), “Caleb, what did you do wrong?”

Caleb says calmly, “I said, ‘I DON’T WIKE CHICKEN!!!!'”

Of course, Caleb had to eat his roast beef at supper, even though he doesn’t like “chicken”.

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