In the beginning…school is fun!

February 11th, 2012 by chrislovescatherine

And it will be fun to the end! In January, Savannah started kindergarten, and she loves it! Home is our classroom, and the Momma (that’s me) is the teacher.

So after much round and round and praying and researching and reading and praying and talking, Chris and I settled on using My Father’s World Kindergarten for her curriculum. I never realized how much FUN school could be! Wow! Below are some pictures to give you a glimpse of things we learned together. Caleb joins in the fun with us. (I am learning how to keep him busy – my biggest challenge!)

We started out studying Creation, taking one day to study each day of Creation.

We made a Creation timeline and a Creation Book. Learned the song, “He’s Still Working on Me”, and are still working on memorizing Psalm 8. (Remember that one, dear Children’s Institute alumni?)

Oreo cookies were the perfect thing to help us remember that God separated the light from the dark! Caleb now asks if he can have “light and dark” cookies.

We ate dirt on the third day, because that was the day that God made the dry land. Oh, and the dirt was just Oreos and chocolate pudding. See the dirt on our mouths?

Caleb sorted colored goldfish on the fifth day when God created the fish and the birds.

The first unit, the Creation unit, was mostly learning about Creation by reading the Bible, doing crafts, and eating fun snacks. This got us into the routine of having school every morning so that Savannah could be ready to hunker down and start her phonics and math!



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  1. Amy

    Great ideas! It’s a lot of fun to do school with kids their ages, to them it’s project time with mom and what could be better than that!

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