Ss is for Sun

February 13th, 2012 by chrislovescatherine

Our first letter unit was all about the sun! And, yes, I have pictures, but, um, they are not good, so bear with me. I used my iPod to take pictures, and lets just say, I won’t do that anymore. But, I’m still going to share them with you, because you don’t need professional pictures to make you smile, right?

Back to the sun…we learned that Ss is for sun, and the sun reminds us that “Jesus is the Light of the World.”

Savannah made a letter “S” out of S-s-s Skittles.

Caleb colored the sun and other pictures in his schoolbook.

We put grapes in the window to see how the sun turns grapes into raisins. (Still patiently waiting on the results.)

We used a blindfold outside to see how dark it would be without the sun.

We made a sundial. We used a pencil stuck into a lump of play dough.

And since the kids just couldn’t handle only using the play dough for the sundial, we made the sun with play dough.

We also painted the sun. I got out the finger-paint for first time after saving it for months in the closet. I’ve been chicken. It’s true. I just don’t get along well with messes. Thankfully though, Grandma Overby, was there to help! So, with a one to one, kid to adult ratio, it was okay! It was fun! I’m really loosening up. Go me!

Hmmm…which child do you think takes after me?

There you have it! Ss is for sun. Next: Mm is for moon. Do you think Sam’s Club has a block of cheese big enough to make a moon?

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  1. Amy

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting these! It’s an encouragement to see other moms out there starting pre-school/Kindergarten and get ideas. Looks like the kids are having a great time!

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