And This is Edible?

March 8th, 2012 by chrislovescatherine

Today at lunch I had the disheartening revelation that I had to go to the grocery store along with 3 other errands this afternoon. You’re right, I didn’t plan well…I just didn’t think about how the weather would affect things this week!

So, after a sweet pep talk and encouraging prayers from my dear Hubby, I set out. And it was an amazing trip! The children were so good! They held on to the cart. I fit all the groceries and Zoe (in her car-seat) in the cart. We got everything we needed (at Walmart nonetheless, which seems to always be out of something!),

And as the thunder threatened to crack open a deluge outside, I prayed that the Lord would hold the rain until I could get my little ones and the groceries in the car. Faithful One, He did!

On top of giving us a good trip, God added a little humor to our day. I’m getting cheese in the dairy section and look down to see Buddy with *something* in his mouth. Turns out its a tube of raw pork chorizo. So I take it from him, thankful that he didn’t puncture the package! Of course, my conscience convicted me to buy it after my son chewed on it. Thankfully it was only $1.88 (ish). I figure I’ll get on and find something to make with it, since I’ve never, ever used it in my life.

So, I’m putting groceries away when I get home, and check out the ingredients on this stuff, and this is what I read…

BLECH!!!! This is definitely the most disgusting thing I have ever bought at the grocery store…I mean seriously and really. And it’s in my refrigerator, next to the food. The real food…really.

I’m so glad I read the ingredients before putting it in the soup. Another wonderful reason to praise the Lord!

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2 Responses

  1. Auntie Mel

    OH WOW!!!! God is sooo good! I can imagine how encouraging that was…except. for. the. pork. GROSS!! :-P

  2. Sandra Perkins

    Poor dog? Hope he survives!

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